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Veracson provides hands-on oversight and management of companies for investors in growth companies and startups.


About Veracson

A Global Business Services Company


Increase the value of your business.

Value means two things

(1) The financial value of the business
(2) the quality of life for its employees.

Experience confirms

(1) Great ideas poorly implemented fail.
(2) Poor operations kill good businesses.

Consulting Network

Veracson's network of experienced consultants are carefully selected and then trained through a rigorous program to assure they understand the underlying philosophy as well as the practical applications of Veracson's concepts and tools.

The Veracson team provides the professional consultants and project managers to assure each engagement meets or exceeds the measurable expectations of the client. This requires that the professionals roll up their sleeves and get into the details. At Veracson, we believe the opportunity' for success rests upon paying attention to the details'.

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Buy - Enhance - Sell Companies

Growth Companies

Companies with operations that are established and have the potential for rapid growth.


Companies with a viable concept and a proven prototype.


Suitable Investors are brought in to provide the capital necessary to fuel the growth with a pre-determined exit..

Veracson's Role

The Veracson team looks for growth and start-up opportunities..

Veracson Analytics

VeraSMART is a Cloud Data Service Analytics Tool which can import your data instantly, and process it by issuing queries which runs in parallel on the cloud.


Veracson Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) team defines the problem, as a first...


VeraSMART is enabling Smart Analytics & Transformation across industries.


At the heart of this field is master data management – solutions whereby...

Veracson's Partners and Alliances

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